Frequently Asked Questions:

“What happens at bootcamp? I don’t want to get shouted at by a big army dude!”

Each session is different depending on the instructor, their plan for the session and the weather! We do not run a ‘military style’ bootcamp and are not ‘shouty’ coaches, that’s not our style. Yes, the classes will challenge you, but ultimately you are in charge.

“I am worried the equipment will be too heavy for me”

We do not use any equipment at bootcamp, just the natural surroundings. This is partly what makes it safe for EVERYONE to enjoy. There is some running (don’t be afraid, not far!) and lots of body weight exercises that work the whole body to help build strength, power and cardio fitness. We play games and do team work too, anything to trick you into getting a good workout.

“But isn’t it cold and muddy???”

Yup it can be! Weirdly that’s why the guys love it. It’s a great escape from being stuck indoors at work all day. It is an amazing way to lift your spirits even when it’s raining. The comradeship with the gang when it gets really muddy is hilarious! It doesn’t happen often and you would be surprised to find the weather isn’t as bad as you think. We have NEVER had to cancel a class due to weather.

“I don’t think I am fit enough for bootcamp, what if I get left behind?”

This is a common worry, but everyone has to start somewhere! We have a very mixed ability group, and you can work as hard as you want. The way we design our sessions means that no one gets ‘left behind’. The most important factor, especially when you start, is to do what you can manage and enjoy yourself! If you need to slow down or stop altogether to take a breather that is ok. Remember if you only do half the class it’s still more than you were doing before!

“I love running and want to train for a marathon, will this suit me?”

Absolutely! We have several bootcampers who enjoy trail running, endurance running and mixed event sports. By including the explosive, plyometric exercises we are fond of at bootcamp you will increase your power and speed. We also like to hill sprint which will help build your strength and stamina. Increasing your muscle mass, cross training and working your full body will most definitely help your running.

“I am a bit worried about committing to your membership, I’ve been a gym member for years and never go”

We offer a 1 week free trial so you can attend 3 classes to check us out! Then once we have you hooked (we are confident like that!) you can sign up for a monthly standing order, however there is NO CONTRACT and if your circumstances change then you can easily take a break and stop your payments, there will be no charge.

Hopefully this has helped you make the decision to come along and give our FREE TRIAL a go. Please still contact us if you have any further questions, we are happy to chat.

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