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Welcome to Parkfit. Glasgow’s friendliest bootcamp!
We pride ourselves on providing a fun, friendly vibe while
delivering fantastic workouts.

Based in the Southsides gorgeous Linn Park (subject to change during winter)
we offer 3 weekly classes catering to all fitness levels. Our bootcamp coaches
are all qualified personal trainers with a wealth of experience and more
importantly personality!


Parkfit will provide all the motivation and direction you need. Our workouts are
designed to allow people to work at their own pace, allowing you to continuously get
fitter, faster and stronger no matter what your starting point.

- A Parkfit ‘get your results guide’ to help you get started
and monitor your progress.
- A FREE Parkfit healthy eating guide to boost our nutrition.
- And a FREE at home workout guide (for those rare times
you can’t make bootcamp)

We want to equip you with knowledge and confidence to achieve your individual goals.

Becoming a Parkfit member not only gives you top class
training in the fresh outdoors but also:








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