Alison – has lost an amazing 5 stone

Through following the advice of the trainers at fitforit I found I could eat more, eat a wider variety of foods and still lose weight! Since undertaking their personal training programme I feel so much healthier, I sleep better and my hair and skin are also in much better condition. I aim to continue to develop my fitness levels and will always be grateful to the fitforit team for setting up the programme, providing constant support, encouragement and motivation whilst continually striving to push me to higher limits. I would highly recommend them.

Graham – Lost over 3 stone and dramatically transformed his fitness

I first contacted fitforit after steadily putting weight on over the last few years. Soon after starting I noticed changes in not only my weight and shape but my lifestyle changed also. I started to put some thought into what I was eating and drinking rather than just taking the quickest or simplest option from the fridge. I have been in various Gyms over the years and never had the variety or enjoyment in my training as I do now.

Claire – Lost 2.5 stone and shrunk 3 dress sizes

Hallelujah for “Fitforit”. I have never been a natural ‘athlete’ and found my weight creeping up on me over the years. I tried lots of methods to lose weight. They took ages and had just a little result. The training was intense but the results were immediate. For the first time, I not only lost weight but my body shape changed dramatically.  I was also provided with an eating plan and was never hungry! I couldn’t recommend ‘Fitforit’ enough.

Nick –Lost over 2 stone while increasing lean muscle

Around March of last year I was 17st3lbs and needed to train to take part in Tough Mudder. I joined bootcamp on the recommendation of a friend. The first few session were tough but I really enjoyed the group, the outdoors sessions and the instructors were excellent helping you through the exercises and pushing you just enough. I went on to lose a stone in weight and really improve my fitness and flexibility, enough to complete Tough Mudder 4 months later.

After a year my weight plateaued at around 16st so I decided to try personal training with Rob at Fitforit. With dietary and training advice I would never have thought of on my own I have lost a further 23lbs in only 4 months!! Now with a mix of bootcamp and PT sessions with Rob I have never felt fitter, stronger and less fat! I’m having to buy a new wardrobe and a belt I could barely fit into 15 months ago is on the last notch!

Mo- has lost 2 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes

My weight had started to spiral out of control. I thought my height was allowing me to get away with it until one day I found myself buying size 18 trousers. I tried various gyms and classes but always found an excuse not to go. However this was different and very quickly I started seeing results. I wasn’t huffing and puffing going up stairs, wasn’t lethargic, had much more va va voom to go out for a walk. I stopped making excuses and just kept at it

Eddie – lost 1.5 stone while massively improving his health

Making the call to Fitforit was most important decision I’ve ever made regarding my health and fitness. He has helped me lose weight, become much fitter and generally more positive, as well as to achieve better control of my type1 Diabetes.The style of training has been both enjoyable and educational, to the point where I no longer bother with a gym membership as all workouts I do are either at home or at the bootcamps.

Karen lost over a stone and 4 inches round her waist

My tummy area was my main gripe and that no matter what I was doing it didn’t seem to get any flatter. Within a couple of week I started to feel the difference in my clothes. For the first time in years I am not calorie counting and definitely look and feel in better shape than I have in a long time.

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